Add a Site Map To Your Blog

In the event that you need to include a site map and get recorded in Google quickly, here is the method

which is the consequence of many occasions of experimentation, in the wake of skipping between the ordinary

astuteness of the adroit website admins in Blogger exemplary and the ignorant evaluation of the outcomes

by the amateurs. The affirmation is down the article.

Adding a website guide to my blog was never considered by me. I was – and still-

expounding on wellbeing an improved logical article or an unassuming genuine belief, yet attempting to

check my blog and add a website guide to it was outlandish for me at exemplary Blogger. I at that point

moved up to Blogger-beta where check was substantially more simpler, that was after I had

comprehended that Blogger will never enable transferring any documents to its server.

When coming to ‘include a site map’ step, I observed it to be incredibly thorough hard test. It

is something out of the extent of my insight and interests, since I think nothing about

html, and when I attempted to include a website map I thought it is a WYSIWYG like posting my sites, at that point

when I attempted minimal adjustments to adapt to what I am approached to do, the PC amazed me

with “the opening and shutting tags”,”the off base format’….etc.

I was affixed to the PC for a considerable length of time more than once on an experimentation premise, starting with

reorder and consummation with coordinating the arrangement with different web journals like “Blogger Tips and

Stunts” and “Hakuna Matata” after I read ‘ html Tags Definitions’ in Blogger help.

I got disappointed ordinarily and I started thinking to stop the entire thing, since for what reason should I

compose what no one will peruse it.

At long last, the startling happened , and I added a webpage guide to my blog!

I have sympathy and energy for similar people who resemble what I was, and this directed me to compose

portraying accurately how any one can add the webpage guide to his blog effectively and what missteps to

maintain a strategic distance from, furthermore, I may discover some of them keen on what I write in my blog. Who knows?

Will we go ?

1-Go to my blog at: waheedelqalatawy at blogger.

2-Click “View” and select “Source”, there will be a content record, click”file” and select “spare”.

3-Go to ‘My Account’ in Google (since you have a blog) and snap the ‘Website admin Tools’ catch.

4-Under ‘ Add Site’ , type in: [http://your] blog

(.Try not to TYPE IN : WWW.)

5-You will be approached to confirm your site. pick “include tag”, duplicate it in the content record to

ensure it is the equivalent before gluing it in your “alter html” page in the head section.

6-Modify the content report by composing in your blog name and your blog ID ( you may discover it in

the location bar on the off chance that you composed your URL in the location bar.

7-Copy and glue the adjusted report in the head portion in the html page of your blog.

8-Go to ” Webmaster Tools” again and check confirm.

9-After check, click on ” Add a Site guide”, and type in :